Currently, Aquinox Media relies on commercial projects to fund non-profit projects for the greater good of humanity. My ultimate goal would be to make full time mind shifting documentaries and music for a better, sustainable society. At the moment, commercial work needs to be done to cover expenses. This is a situation I’d love to change with your help! A monthly small donation from many could change the world.

Aquinox Media already composed the music for the viral, award winning documentary ‘ More than a pipeline’. Thanks to this documentary, ING and ABN needed to remove their funds from the oil pipeline project and has raised a lot of awareness around this ongoing issue. Another short film reached Canadian National TV, entirely produced by Aquinox Media in support of a lawsuit against pipelines.

More than a pipeline- first trailer

The documentary film More than a pipeline has been released! Watch free at www.morethanapipeline.comThis was the first TRAILER of the documentary film MORE THAN A PIPELINE. A film about Standing Rock, about the effects of the destruction by large corporations and banks to our environment and our planet. About the people of the Great Sioux Nation and their helpers who are standing up to them in compassion and prayer. About the earth we leave for the next seven generations… Regie: Robert BridgemanCamera/ editing: Lex Olthof 1tube.nlSound: John Akerman Özgüç, aquinoxmusic.comSubtitles: Petricia SiepmanMarketing: Rianne ReijnhoutYoutube link: www.morethanapipeline.comMedia information: Ingeborg Tuinman#Standingrock#OcetiSakowin#NoDAPL#Bankexit#DefundDAPL#Morethanapipeline#MTAPL#WaterisLIFEING Nederland ABN AMRO

Geplaatst door More than a pipeline op Dinsdag 10 januari 2017