Aquinox Media’s mission is to enable you to relive your precious moments of your event.  Or to convey the essence, the message of your company or project like no words could. Years of expertise, combined with state of the art equipment will make sure your project impresses and will realize your ideas and goals by captivating your audience with authenticity and awe.

Aquinox Media offers you the opportunity to have your message packed in a bespoke video with custom composition or existing music alike. In every setting, including nighttime.

The same goes for photography. Your precious memories and messages are captured in a way allowing for wall-sized prints or online impressions with crystal clear detail.

With our cinematic composition experience that even reached Toronto International Filmfestival, it is possible to truly immerse your viewer into your video and touch the right emotional strings. Theory from music psychology is used to enhance the emotional connection with your viewer.

Musically enhanced visual media conveys your message in the most powerful way currently known and will be an invaluable part to any company or event.

Corporate social responsibility

For our future generations, it is important we make our footprint smaller quickly, by making wiser choices in food, commuting and consumption. When you choose Aquinox media, 10% of profits will turn into rainforest, purchased for preservation.  As a customer, you may also suggest another charity if you feel like it will contribute to faster change. If you buy prints or downloads from Aquinox Media’s collection, 20% will flow to rainforest and indigenous rights protection programmes. Tax deductible as well!

Gear used

Video/Photo : Sony A7R III (42.4 megapixels – Full frame 4k with 5k oversampling. –

Video, 2nd cam: Sony A7SII

Sony G OSS 24-105mm f4

Sony G OSS 70-200mm f4

Sigma 100-400mm DG-DN f5-6,3

Sony 35mm 1.8

Sony 85mm 1.8

Mitakon 50mm f0.95
Venus Optics Laowa 15mm f2.0

Venus Optics Laowa 15mm f4.0 Macro

Pentax K 50mm 1.7

Pentax K Vivitar 70-210mm 3.5

Pentax K 28mm 2.8

Mavic 2 Pro

Audio : Sennheiser HD800 / Focal Twin6 / Ableton Suite 10 / Vienna Symphonic Library / Omnisphere

The founder of Aquinox Media, John Akerman Özgüç has previously worked together with :

Utrecht University,
1Camera Corporate Cinema Agency,
Pull Together Canada,
Shaw TV Canada,
Grand Hotel Karel V Utrecht
Propertravel (Turkey), Travel Atelier (Turkey), Turkeyweddings.
Luminosity Events,
The Bridgeman Foundation,
Emily Carr University (CA),
Xapiri & Dennis McKenna (Peru), 123 Events (Colombia)

Official Partner of Travelatelier.

Message Aquinox Media for any inquiries or questions here:

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