[:en]While travelling, I wanted a proper camera to capture the beauty of my experiences and capable of doing great photo and videowork. After research, everything pointed towards the Sony A7R III. I had many bridge cameras but this would be my first proper DSLR. My first shoot was in the Amazon in Peru. I had plenty of time to test the features, combined with a 24-105mm Sony G lens.

Set up

Image quality

Amazing. Especially if you put a proper lens and polarizing filter on it. The 42 mp gives a nice cropfactor if the zoom of your lens is not sufficient to get your subject to fill the frame, or get more macro if the minimal focus distance of your lens is big.


Not always how I like it to work. Although it has a shitload of autofocus points, it frequently misses the point I want to be in focus. In the jungle these huge blue butterflies were not in focus with all different AF settings used during my attempts. Sometimes I press a mark on the touch screen and still tries to look for other things that are more relevant to the camera. Annoying.

Video quality

Amazing. The color profiles and tweaking makes it very versatile and allows to have nearly finished grades from the beginning. Nice if the client wants to see the result instantly and for pixel peeping, for sure. The HDR recordings are only usable in bright situations because of 8 bit video, and will be a bit noisy because minimum iso will be 800. I expected a better low light performance but it is still allright.


The menu of sony is kind of confusing, and the S&Q mode is unnecesarily limited to 12 mbps slowmo recording in 1080p and quickmotion in 1080p too.. They should have allowed 4k usage in quick motion. Now I have to record at 24fps per second, unnecessarily draining battery and memory.[:]