Mass Tourism in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. This holiday factory serving unlimited amounts of food and drinks with almost one pool per tourist was bound to be struck by droughts and forest fires at some point (Last year). Foodwaste by hotels and restaurants is the most harmful to our environment through biogenic greenhouse gases created by food decomposition

Overgrown Volcanic crater in Gran Canaria. Every day, a man living at the bottom of the crater in a cave opens up and closes the gate to this beautiful site.

Graveyard of lifejackets, Molyvos/Mythimna, Greece. The sea crossing point from Turkey is the shortest here, so many dinghies full of refugees attempt to enter Europe here. They have to do it at night to avoid being sunk by European border agency Frontex, a collaboration of all European navies.

The beautiful westfjords of Iceland. These fjords are at least 500 meters high and the village you see was struck by an avalanche 25 years ago. Due to superstition, people leave the village untill springtime. Felt pretty cool to run a village on your own together with a major.

Utrecht Centraal train station at rush hour. No rush since everyone is working from home or not working because of Corona Quarantine.

Expo @ Fotodok Documentary Photography museum

Reykjavik, Iceland @ Sunrise

Krkonoce, Czechia